Handicraft artisans take pledge against terrorism

Gangtok, 21 May [PIB]: The Office of the Development Commissioner [Handicrafts], Marketing and Service Extension Centre, Gangtok, observed Anti-Terrorism Day at Chandmari in Gangtok today among handicraft artisans of carpet and embroidery crafts during which 22 artisans took the pledge against terrorism.

Handicrafts Promotion Officer, Shashikant Gupta, while briefing the programme about Anti-Terrorism Day, said that the day is being observed to generate awareness in the country among all sections of people about the dangers of terrorism and violence and its effect on the people, society and the country.

Carpet expert, Pema Wangmu Dhopthapa, was also present during the ceremony.

Assistant Director [Handicrafts], DK Khawas, gave a speech on the dangers of terrorism & violence and expressed gratitude to the artisans for participating in the oath-ceremony and celebrating Anti-Terrorism Day.