Medical staff halt work at Kpg district hospital after assault on doc

Kalimpong, 21 May:

Chaotic scenes played out at Kalimpong District Hospital here today when a doctor was allegedly manhandled by some people in the hospital.

According to information received, a physician was driving on the narrow road which leads to the hospital next to Girl’s High School when an ambulance going towards the hospital tried to overtake him. Since there were also people walking on the road, the doctor had no space to make way for the ambulance. Upon reaching the hospital, the people in the ambulance disembarked and slapped the doctor.

It may be mentioned here that storm drains are being constructed in town which has further narrowed the road. Parking has always been a problem in the town with people often parking their two-wheelers on the side of the road that leads to the hospital.

“A person named Sonam Tshering fell unconsciousness near Dambar Chowk and started bleeding from his mouth. People who were around helped him and rushed him to Sewa Sadan Hospital. The patient was then referred to the District Hospital and was being rushed there when the situation occurred,” said a bystander.

Meanwhile, the Out Patient Department has been closed in protest against the assault leaving visiting patients stranded. The Emergency ward has however been kept open.

“I had to visit a doctor in the OPD. This situation has shut them all. I am a poor man and travelled all the way from Lava. I have to pay Rs 200 for a to-and-fro trip, now I need to come again tomorrow,” said one senior citizen.

“Unless the culprits are caught, the OPD will remain closed,” was being announced outside the hospital from time to time.