Panchayats of Melli are model panchayats: CM

Namchi, 21 May:

Continuing his 32-day village to village tour under Jan Samparka Abhiyan, Chief Minister Pawan Chamling today addressed the public of Melli constituency at Turuk in South Sikkim.

In his speech, the CM spoke about the aim of his 32-day tour of the State which is to hold direct interaction with general public and understand the developmental requirements.

He appreciated the modern approach of the Panchayats of Melli constituency in serving the people of their area.

“The Panchayats of Melli are model panchayats,” he expressed.

The CM added that the State government has been encouraging people to become self-reliant by undertaking trade, tourism and organic farming. He directed the Block Development Officers to issue trade licenses to villagers on the basis of Sikkim Subject Certificate.

“Get trade licenses immediately by showing your Sikkim Subject Certificate only. Show NOCs and documents next year during the renewal process. This we are doing to encourage our villagers to do trade,” he said.

“In 24 years of our government, Sikkim has developed in all sectors. There are roads, power and water supply, schools, healthcare and housing. We have fulfilled the basic minimum needs of our people and this is not there in other States. There is no extreme poverty in Sikkim. Now our second phase of development will start and our focus will be on qualitative development,” he added.

The CM further informed that the State Government will construct houses for the remaining BPL families with Sikkim Subject Certificates in Melli constituency and also provide them with means and support to improve their economic conditions.

“The target is to uplift BPL families into the APL category within a year and this must be taken care of by the area MLA. The State Government will extend extra support on this,” he said.

He urged the officials and the Panchayat members to complete all the incomplete public works at various places which have caused enough grief to the public and should be avoided in the future. He also asked the public to work following the motto of "Afno Gaon, Afai Banau" for a better Sikkim.

The CM also stated that work related tenders in the village would be done in the village level in their respective Block Administrative Centres where locals of the area would be eligible to file for open tender without any interference.

He also expressed his desire to make Sikkim self-reliant and self-sufficient in areas of food resources by 2023.

The CM also addresses the issue of property rights and government employment regarding Sikkimese women married to non-Sikkimese persons.

“Sikkimese women married to non-Sikkim Subject Certificate holders and working as MR employee will be eligible for regularization. The daughters of Sikkim will also have equal rights as sons to the properties of their parents. If by chance, they marry non-Sikkimese, mutation of their share of land in their name [daughters] can be done. But the land cannot be mutated in the name of son-in-law or grandchildren. The daughters can use the land for their lifetime and even sell the land,” he said.

Speaking on politics, the CM stresses that agents of outsiders are trying to pollute the mind of Sikkimese people in the name of community and religion. However, they will not be able to take power in the upcoming elections, he added.

“People of Sikkim must not take for granted the peace and developments brought by our government in these 24 years. Even peace needs security. SDF is a party of Sikkim and Sikkimese people. It works towards protecting the rights of the Sikkimese. Our government has maintained peace in Sikkim for 24 years. Do not take it for granted. Sikkim will be destroyed if ‘Goondas’ take the chair and rule Sikkim,” the CM opined.

The CM did the virtual inauguration and foundation stone laying of various infrastructures under the Melli constituency. Wayside Amenity at Rolu Mandir and four roomed School Building, Turuk, were inaugurated by the CM while the foundation stones were laid for various projects like Development of Paragliding, Poultry Processing Unit (Melli Dara), Water Supply Unit (Kitam) and Swimming Pool at Melli Bazaar.

The CM was felicitated by the Poultry Growers Association, Ex-Servicemen Front, Anganwadi Workers and Ex-Panchayat of Melli Constituency.

Earlier, area MLA, Tulshi Devi Rai, presented the welcome address.