Rabdentse DAC observes Anti-Terrorism Day

Rabdentse, 21 May [IPR]: As per the directives of Government of India, District Administration Centre in Rabdentse, West Sikkim observed Anti-Terrorism Day by taking the anti terrorism pledge today at the DAC premises.

It may be mentioned here, Anti-Terrorism Day is observed every year throughout the country on 21 May to generate awareness among all sections of people about the danger of terrorism and violence and its effect on the people, society and the country as a whole. It was on this day in 1991 that former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi was killed in a suicide bombing.

The anti-terrorism/anti-violence pledge was taken by all the employees under the guidance of District Collector, Dr AB Karki, along with Superintendent of Police [West], Additional District Collector [West] and Sub Divisional Magistrate [West]. Similar pledge was observed in all sub-divisional offices and line departments in West Sikkim.