Opposition only after power, SDF fighting for Sikkimese: CM

Namchi, 22 May:

Sikkim Democratic Front will be the only party to contest the next election for Sikkim and the Sikkimese while the opposition will be contesting only to overthrow SDF, said Chief Minister Pawan Chamling today at Assangthang, South Sikkim, during his Jan Samparka Abhiyan.

The CM added that the opposition in Sikkim has never fought for the welfare of the Sikkimese people but only for power. In this pursuit for power many outsider agents are getting active in Sikkim and many new political parties are being formed, he said.

The CM also warned the public that the political situation in Sikkim is changing as outside forces and their agents are trying to change the political stability in the State by playing with caste and religious sentiments of the people.

“24 years of development can be destroyed in 24 hours if the people of Sikkim do not take responsibility,” said the CM.

He urged the general public to not listen to outsiders who are trying to drive a wedge between the people of Sikkim.

During his address he also targeted SKM youth where he said that they are visiting different areas of the state and are telling people that their leader is coming back.

"Everyone knows that their leader is in jail and has been convicted in a corruption case, if such a person leads our society what will be the future of Sikkim?" he stated.

The CM asked the SKM supporters to open their eyes and offered them a place in his party if they choose to do so.