Neil Tara Academy hosts Rohit Khanna’s Heritage Exhibition

Gangtok, 23 May:

Rohit Khanna’s Heritage Exhibition which showcases ancient artefacts from the Indus Valley Civilization, Narmada Valley Civilization, millions of years old plant fossils, ancient stamps, pottery, arrow heads, tools, horse shoes, old mariners compasses, the famous Hanuman Coin, Gandhiji’s three monkeys, notes and coins of India, lunar meteorites and other items was held at Neil Tara Academy today.

The daylong exhibition had in display antiques and ancient artefacts collected by certified collector of antiques from Jabalpur, Rohit Khanna.

Mr Khanna’s collection is also recognised by the Department of Archaeology, Government of Madhya Pradesh.

After collecting antiques for the last 17 years during his travels to various cities, Mr Khanna has been organising heritage exhibitions in different schools across the country with the aim to create awareness among the youth on the rich heritage of India.

Gangtok Municipal Corporation Chairman, Ashish Rai, who attended the exhibition as a special guest, expressed his gratitude towards Mr Khanna for holding the exhibition for the students of Sikkim.

He also congratulated Neil Tara Academy for hosting the exhibition.

“The exhibition has educational value for students. For them to see all these historical and ancient artefacts which they normally see only in textbooks and internet is a once in a lifetime opportunity,” Mr Rai expressed.

He further urged other schools of the State to invite Mr Khanna with his exhibition to their respective schools for the benefit of students.

Speaking to media persons, Mr Khanna mentioned that that main aim of conducting the exhibition was to generate awareness on Indian heritage and encourage youth to value their rich history and heritage.

“I have been collecting ancient artefacts for 17 years from different cities of the country. I have already organized similar exhibitions in 64 schools across the country and this is the 65th in the series,” he informed.

Tashi Namgyal Academy is set to host the exhibition on 25 and 26 May.