Health Deptt issues advisory on Nipah scare

Gangtok, 25 May:

With 12 deaths so far due to the deadly Nipah Virus being reported from Kerala, the Health Department here, on 24 May, issued an advisory asking people to take precautions to steer clear of the deadly disease.

The possibility of Sikkim getting infected with human NIV is minimal, but people need to still take precautions, the advisory reads.

The Department has advised the general public to avoid consuming fruits and vegetables bitten by birds, bats and animals. It has also advised people to wash their hands properly after coming in direct contact with an infected person.

The Department further instructs people to monitor fever cases with history of travel to Kerala.

The advisory informs that Nipah virus which commonly affects animals such as bats, pigs, dogs, horses, etc. can spread from animals to humans with symptoms like fever, headache, vomiting and fainting.

“Some may show symptoms of epilepsy. The symptoms may last for 10-12 days followed by unconsciousness and death as a result of brain fever. The virus spreads from infected bats to animals through bites and from animal to other animal through body fluids and from human to human through body fluids,” the advisory mentioned.

“There is no restriction for eating clean fruits after washing. There is no need to panic,” the advisory reads.