Landslide blocks Lingdem-Upper Dzongu stretch

Dzongu, 26 May:

A fresh landslide today blocked the Lingdem-Upper Dzongu road at Mantam, forcing authorities to suspend traffic on the road.

Local residents appealed to Station Head Officer, Mangan Police Station, K.E Kaleon, Sub-Inspector, Mangan PS and Range Officer, Passingdang Block Administrative Center to restore the road at the earliest.

However, the road was cleared around evening and traffic resumed at around 04.30 p.m.

The residents have appealed to the concerned authorities to repair the Lingdem-Upper Dzongu stretch with proper RCC [Roller-compacted concrete] carpeting and iron railings along the road to prevent road mishaps.

The officials have assured to discuss the matter with the District Administration and come up with a plan in favor of the public.

The public further informed that vehicles plying towards Tingvong and Lingzya are facing difficulties due to rise in water level in Mantam Lake forcing people to rely on the bamboo bridge for transportation.