Golay sent to prison by Court, not us: SDF

GANGTOK, 26 May:

Sikkim Democratic Front has strongly condemned the allegation that SDF put Sikkim Krantikari Morcha president, PS Tamang [Golay] in jail. The party has asserted that Mr Tamang is presently in jail after being convicted in a corruption case by a special court and then by the High Court of Sikkim.

A press release from SDF spokesperson, Bhim Dahal states that Mr Tamang is serving time following a judicial process and SKM is just deceiving people by making baseless allegations.

On SKM's claims that the CM's state-wide tour was borne out of fear that SKM is gaining ground, Mr Dahal has said that the CM conducted a similar tour in 2011 when SKM was not even formed.

SDF has also strongly refuted and condemned SKM allegations on the party's workers distributing anonymous leaflets.