Hamro Sikkim Party to be launched on 31 May, confirms founding member MN Dahal

Gangtok, 27 May:

HamroSikkim Party founding member, MN Dahal, while addressing a press conference at Deoralihere today, announced that the official launch of HSP has been finalized for 31 May.

HSP was unveiled last month on 26 Apr at a press conference at the Press Club of India in New Delhi.

“We announced the party in Delhi particularly to raise the issues of Sikkim before the national media and to make sure that the Central Government hears our problems,” MrDahal said.

The founding member further added that it was time for a new generation to take over and deliver a government of new ideas and aspirations.

Commenting on the delay of the launch programme, MrDahal alleged that the Sikkim Democratic Front Government was ‘misusing the government machinery’ to create hurdles for the new party to organize its launch programme.

MrDahal further slammed the SDF party’s decision to conduct gram sabhas in all the villages of the district on the same day as HSP’s launch saying that the ruling party is ‘misusing’ the Panchayati Raj system of the State.

“SDF party can certainly ask its party cadre to not attend meetings of other political parties but they cannot misuse the Panchayati Raj system to prevent common people from attending programmes of other parties,” MrDahal added.

MrDahal has called on the SDF to scrap the gram sabhasscheduled to be held on 31 May.

MrDahal also reiterated to the media and people that HSP was not just BhaichungBhutia’s party saying that they are looking for a person with a ‘clean-image’ to lead the party.

“He [Bhaichung] is a part of the party but we still have not decided on the presidency of the party. He is one of the founding members like us. We believe in collective leadership,” MrDahal added.

Talking about the speakers set to address the launch, MrDahal said that the programme will be addressed by BhaichungBhutia and former minister, Ram BahadurSubba.

He further informed that a 12-13 member council willbe announced during the launch to guide the party in its upcoming programmes.