Rainfall damages Mantambridge, motor boats pressed into service

Dzongu, 30 May:

Due to heavy rainfall since last few days at Mantam, the bamboo bridge had been partially damaged by huge wooden logs carried downstream by high speed current of theRongyongriver. The bamboo bridge could have been repaired by now however due to excess rainfall and strong water current at Mantam lake, workers are facing difficulties in restoring the bridge, the SDM Dzongu informed.

As such the District Administration, in order to ease the burden, has started using motor boats at Mantamlake. As per directions from the higher authorities the timing of boat service shall be from morning 8 a.m.to 5.30p.m. Beyond the scheduled time the boat shall not be put to service considering the bad weather conditions and strong water current at Mantam lake at present.

However, in case of medical emergency at night one can contact the following phone numbers:

TsheringDorjeeBhutia [SDM Dzongu9434409281, 9083414429

LalitSubbha (QRT)8370870846

MangalSubba (Home Guard) 8116007715

Buddha Subba (Home Guard) 9083510487

Lhakey Sherpa (Home Guard) 8001759007.

It is also informed that the labourers engaged in the construction of Foot Suspension Bridge atMantam who were stranded on the left bank of Mantam lake since the last two dayshave been ferried to the right bank of Mantam lake on a rubberboat to expedite the work.