Terminal and Death gratuity for temporary employees

Gangtok, 02 Jun:

The State Government has accepted the recommendations of the 5th Pay Commission to implement Terminal and Death gratuity to temporary employees.

As per the recommendation, half of the monthly pay for each complete year of service is payable subject to the minimum of Rs.13,000 in termination of his or her service and in death gratuity Rs.2250 is applicable for each year of service in addition to terminal gratuity as prescribed by the government to minimum of Rs. 13,000.

Besides this, the state government has hiked the honorarium of Rs.5250 to Rs.10,000 to Anganwadi workers and Rs.3000 to Rs. 6000 to Anganwadi Helpers.

The state government has also enhanced the existing Death-Cum-Retirement Gratuity to the tune of Rs.10 lakh to Rs.20 lakh adding that fixed medical allowances to pensioner and family pensioners have been enhanced from Rs.1000 to 2000 as medical relief.