CM address Saramsa belt’s water woes

Gangtok, 4 Jun:

Chief Minister Pawan Chamling today addressed the problem of water scarcity being faced by the people of Saramsa-Ranipool-Aho stretch.

Residents of the area have often complained of lack of adequate water supply in the area. With active industrialization and depletion of spring water sources, the area routinely suffers water shortage.

The Chief Minister today instructed Rural Management and Development Department officials to go to the field and identify water sources.

The demand for water supply projects was sanctioned by the CM while addressing the gathering at his ongoing Jan Sewa and Jan Samman program at Saramsa garden which falls under Namcheybong constituency.

The Chief Minister also stated that if there were no water sources, than the government was ready to help and assist residents with rain water harvesting options.

The Water Security scheme of the government will address all concerns related to water management, the CM assured.

Stating that water was a global problem, he said that there was need to conserve water and preserve and maintain water levels and sources through various means like plantations along the roads and on barren tracts.

The Chief Minister stated that the state attaches high priority to water conservation and preservation and all the state schemes shall now have 1% of the total budget allocated for water preservation.

He also instructed the Panchayats and Urban Local Bodies to do the same.

Adding that trees were the life source for water, he appealed to the people to adopt trees as friends or “Miit” citing his own example of adopting a Rhododendron tree as his “Miit”.

The Chief Minister has also sanctioned all precautionary and protective work along rivers and jhoras of the constituency like protective walls and returning wall.

He stated that all works sanctioned will be need-based with genuine public demand work getting the highest priority.

Further directing the irrigation department officials to visit sites, the CM has asked for irrigation canals to be made for the benefit of the local farmers.

The residents expressed happiness towards the CM for sanctioning all the water related projects and addressing their concerns.