Chamling ignorant about professional sports: Bhaichung

Gangtok, 06 Jun:

Senior vice president of Hamro Sikkim Party, Bhaichung Bhutia, has spoken out against the criticism and allegations made against him and his party by Chief Minister Pawan Chamling during his speech at his Public Outreach Campaign in Cheuribotay today.

“The statements of the CM show that he is ignorant about professional sports. He has accused me of playing only for money but he has no idea what he is talking about. In 25 years, he has done nothing for sports in Sikkim. All sportspersons play for fees and it is called professionalism. This is how athletes, sportspersons and footballers play in professional sports. Messi is from Argentina but plays for Barcelona FC of Spain. Sunil Chettri is from Delhi but is playing in Bengaluru FC. Chamling has no idea about sports,” said Mr Bhutia.

On allegations of not helping Sikkimese footballers to play in big clubs of Kolkata, Mr Bhutia said that he and his club, United Sikkim FC has recommended many footballers from Sikkim for football clubs outside the State.

"They went for trials and some of them succeeded and got to play for clubs. Some of the footballers we have recommended to the coaches of the big clubs are now doing well and playing professional football,” he added.

He countered the above allegation with, “In 25 years, how many leaders have been allowed to come forward by Chamling? He has not produced even one leader in Sikkim and he himself behaves like a king. He is comparing me with Chogyal rule but I have come here in politics to oust the monarchy of Chamling in Sikkim."

Responding to the allegation that HSP is a party from Delhi, Mr Bhutia said that the CM "is growing old and at 67 years of age, tends to lose his memory."

"He is forgetting that SDF is a part of NDA and NEDA also which is under BJP and now he is terming our party an outsider party. He also has to go and deal with Delhi and I know that he cannot strongly place the demands of Sikkim with Delhi and always has to bow down to Delhi," Mr Bhutia said.

Regarding land in Gangtok being given by the government to Mr Bhutia, he said that he was given that land for his contributions to Sikkim. He questioned what the SDF ministers and party leaders have done to deserve land plots in Gangtok.