Chamling runs SKM down as ‘Jail Party’ Bhaichung now ‘playing’ politics for Delhi party: CM

Gangtok, 06 Jun:

Addressing the gathering at Cheuribotey today, Chief Minister Pawan Chamling ridiculed opposition Sikkim Krantikari Morcha as ‘Jail Party’.

“SKM party’s new name is Jail Party. Its supporters are ready to welcome their leader once he comes out of jail. Their leader is in jail because he siphoned government money meant for distribution of cows to the people of Sikkim. He was convicted by the Courts and went to jail because of which the laws don’t allow him to contest the coming elections in Sikkim,” contended Mr Chamling.

“Only antisocial people are supporting this Jail Party as their leader is also one of them. No sensible and respectable person is with the Jail Party. If such a party comes to power, then there will be Goondaraj in Sikkim. Our peace loving people should not run after this party. SDF party has given peace and security in Sikkim. If you do not take responsibility, then Sikkim will see anarchy and you will have to pay protection tax,” Mr Chamling added.

Continuing with his unloading on Opposition parties, Mr Chamling also lashed out against Bhaichung Bhutia and his newly formed party, Hamro Sikkim Party.

“A football party has been opened in Sikkim and its leader is Bhaichung Bhutia. He played for 30 years for East Bengal and Mohun Bagan in Kolkata. Any club that gave more money, he played for that club. Now he is old and wants to play politics and like football, he is playing politics in Sikkim for a Delhi party. Hamro Sikkim Party wants to do away with the local protection laws and rights of the people of Sikkim,” alleged Mr Chamling.

“Politics is a serious matter and not a sport or a game. Bhaichung likened Sikkim’s peace and tranquility to the quiet of a cemetery. What kind of democracy and peace does he want? Does he want to revert Sikkim to monarchy and its attendant oppression? He will not be accepted by the people of Sikkim. He is just an agent of outsiders,” said Mr Chamling.

Highlighting Sikkim Democratic Front’s policies, Mr Chamling stressed that his government has provided equal rights and facilities to all communities in the State.

“Elections are approaching in Sikkim and many parties will open here. These parties become active during election time and disappear after elections,” Mr Chamling said, adding that the only consistent for the people has been the SDF.