SDF lashes out against opposition, calls Bhaichung 'Shikhandi'

Gangtok, 07 Jun:

Sikkim Democratic Front today slammed the opposition for “giving misleading and foolish comments” against the Chief Minister and his government on various issues.

While addressing a press conference in the capital today, SDF spokesperson, Bhim Dahal, said, "Bhaichung Bhutia has been a legendary footballer, but he is behaving like 'Shikhandi' (a negative character of the epic 'Mahabharata') by firing from the back of those forces inimical to peace and tranquility in Sikkim."

Mr Dahal responded to various allegations levelled by the former footballer who is now senior vice president of Hamro Sikkim Party.

On Bhaichung’s comment on the lack of alternative leadership within SDF, he said that the party has no dearth of leaders but at present, the current leadership is enough.

Accusing Bhaichung of acting as an agent of Delhi with zero ideology and calling out HSP as “feudal”, Mr Dahal said, “We are not questioning the professionalism of Bhaichung as a footballer here. He has stopped playing football and now wants to play football with the future of Sikkim and the Sikkimese people.”

He further added that the recent remark by SDF rebel and HSP leader, RB Subba, wherein he had said that Limboo Tamang Assembly seats will be provided within three days of HSP forming the government is “foolish”.

“The demand for LT seats placed by our State Government is under active discussion and consideration at the Home Affairs Ministry, Government of India and we are hopeful that it will be given before the 2019 elections. This is a Central matter and we can only hope, demand and wait,” said Mr Dahal.

He also went on to criticize Sikkim Krantikari Morcha and SKM MLA, Sonam Lama, wherein he said that Mr Lama provides just theatrics.

The conference was also addressed by SDF spokesperson, KT Gyaltsen, who said that Article 371F allows delimitation for Sikkim anytime.

He also questioned the opposition’s constant criticism stating that they offer no solution.

Strongly coming down on comments made by Bhaichung Bhutia, he questioned his ideologies and termed Bhaichung as “mentally corrupt”. HSP is trying to create a law and order problem in Sikkim and the need of the hour is unity among all Sikkimese, he alleged.

On the State’s Sherpa community expressing disappointment over the decision passed by the SDF legislators' meet recently that Sherpa candidates will not be fielded from Bhutia-Lepcha constituency, Mr Dahal clarified that the Sherpa community falls under the Bhutia [B] definition as per the Sikkim ST Order and Representation of Peoples Act 1978 and as such can contest for BL seats.

“There are 12 BL seats and one Sangha seat in the Assembly. The Sherpa community can contest from the BL seats. They must have had a wrong notion on the decision passed by the SDF legislators' meet recently. They are within the BL seats. We had passed the decision to reassure the protection of the minority communities of Sikkim,” said Mr Dahal.