Women married to non-Sikkimese can now register land in their name

Gangtok, 07 Jun:

Sikkimese women married to non-Sikkimese can now get land registered in their name as per a notification issued by Land Revenue and Disaster Management Department today. Earlier, Sikkimese women married to non-Sikkimese only had rights to landed property already registered in their name prior to marriage.

While this comes as a salve for women married to non-Sikkimese men, they still do not have the right to transfer this property in the name of their offsprings, who derive their identity from their non-Sikkimese father.

The notification states, "notwithstanding para 22 of the Sikkim Registration of Documents Rules 1930, any document regarding transfer of property which has been presented for registration by a Sikkimese women married to a non-Sikkimese, may ordinarily be registered and the ownership of the property on her demise shall be governed as per the existing rules and regulations prevailing in the state."

The state government in 2008 had also passed the Sikkim Succession Act, 2008, but it is not yet notified. Under this Act, daughters will have an equal right to claim the share of the property of her parent and what is more, even divorced and abandoned wives having Sikkim Subject can claim equal share of her husband’s property.