HAMRO SIKKIM PARTY OPENS HEAD OFFICE IN GANGTOK Vision to transform Sikkim into a pro-Sikkimese &amp

Gangtok, 08 Jun:

Hamro Sikkim Party inaugurated its head office today at Deorali in Gangtok with vice presidents, Ran Bahadur Subba and Bhaichung Bhutia, jointly hoisting the party flag at the office premises in the presence of party workers and leaders of the opposition parties, Sikkim Nationalist People’s Party and Sikkim Sangram Parishad.

Addressing the inaugural event, Mr Subba extended gratitude to the leaders from the opposition parties and the attendees for their cooperation and support.

Lashing out against Sikkim Democratic Front, Mr Subba said, “SDF is trying to ruin the State by dividing the society in the name of caste, community and religion. We need to make Sikkim better by crushing their attempts to break the unity in the State.”

He further informed that the first priority of HSP after it takes power will be to protect the poor people of Sikkim.

“The promises made by Chief Minister Pawan Chamling have not been fulfilled. We must come forward to make Sikkim better and give good direction to the people of Sikkim. All the communities of Sikkim have been united for generations and we will not allow them to be divided,” he said.

Countering allegations from the opposition of functioning without a proper head, Mr Subba stated that HSP is least bothered about the allegation.

“Is a party incapable if it does not have a president? We all are capable of running the party as one. Our president will be a person from Sikkim who is loved and respected by all and a person capable to lead the State,” he added.

The function was also addressed by Bhaichung Bhutia who asserted that HSP has been formed “not just to change one person or an organization”.

“Hamro Sikkim Party wants a change in the system in Sikkim. We want to transform Sikkim into a pro-Sikkimese and pro-youth State. We all must work together for the same. Our party believes in the youth and will produce youth leaders,” said Bhaichung.

Bhaichung further urged party supporters to work at grassroot level in order to take the party’s policies and vision of “parivartan” to the common man.

SNPP president, Biraj Adhikari, thanked HSP for inviting him to the function and congratulated the party on its new office.

“We will support HSP if you are committed towards building ‘naya’ Sikkim,” he expressed.