Brighter Minds Course students receive certificates from Governor

Gangtok, 09 Jun:

In a brief function held at Ashirwad Bhavan today, Governor Shriniwas Patil and First Lady, Rajanidevi Patil, handed over certificates to 28 students who recently completed an eight-weeklong Alpha Course on Brighter Minds, a press communiqué received from Raj Bhavan informs.

Students of thefirst batch of Brighter Minds coursewere drawn from various schools from around Gangtok. The course, which had started in the last week of March earlier this year, was held at the Ram Chandra Ashram inthe ICAR complex, Tadong, and was supported through corporate sponsorship.

Brighter Minds is a special brain-stimulating course for the targeted age-group of 05-15 years and is designed to strengthen the cognitive and sensory skills of children through various exercises. It develops the child’s logical reasoning, intuition and sensory skills of smell and touch which enhances his/her interaction and observation of surroundings precisely and more accurately, an accompanying press release informs.

During the function today, the students showed various aspects of their cognitive skills and sensory strength including blindfold activities developed during the eight weeks of their specialised training.

Chief instructor of the course, Ashok Rao, explained the objectives and methodologies of the course through a PowerPoint presentation.

He highlighted on developing and channelizing a child’s brain power for better intellectual activity, creative and academic output. He also stated that the course is based on scientific principles and uses tools and techniques for neurological stimulation and exposure which have become popular across Europe and America of late.

The Governor, while lauding the initiative of the Brighter Minds,spoke on the unlimited potential of the human brain.

“It is believed throughout our life, that only a small percentage of our cognitive capacities are developed and used. In ancient times, saints and sages, through rigorous sadhana, were said to have evolved the process and mechanisms which enhance brain power beyond normal human capabilities. Those were the areas of highest intellectual activities which at later stages got ignored due to various reasons. Now that such sensory and brain enriching exercises have been brought back to the fore with the scientific reasoning and explanation which is indeed heartening,” said the Governor.

He also expressed confidence that the students who have undergone the course will definitely