HSP takes issue with Govt position on pay revision

Gangtok, 10 Jun:

Hamro Sikkim Party today took issue with the pay revision proposals and procedure decided by the State Government has demanded that not only should the pending arrears be released in one instalment, but that the new pay be made effective from 01 Jan 2016 onwards instead of the 2017 starting point decided for government servants here.

Addressing a press conference here today, the HSP vice-president Tirtha Sharma rejected the State Government’s plans to release the salary arrears in three instalments.

“We do not accept this proposal as it is not fair on the employees who have already made plans on what they will do with the arrears. Getting it in three instalments will be meaningless for them. We demand that the government release the entire arrear amount in one go,” he said.

His fellow vice-president of the party, Bhaichung Bhutia, also challenged what his party see as an inexcusable decision of the State Government to count the pay revision only notionally from 2016 onwards and have it effective from 2017 instead.

This was unjust for the employees since it denied them an entire year’s dues in arrears and demanded that this anomaly be corrected forthwith.

He also advised the State Government to attempt cost-cutting measures on some other “wasteful” expenses like service extensions given to favoured government officials on retirement.

The government, he added, was also wasting clearly limited funds on such excesses as VIP escort vehicles for Ministers and bank-rolling unnecessary projects.

He also commented that even though the Chief Minister has been making claims of supporting sports, the salaries of physical education teachers has actually been decreased this time.

He also pointed out that the salaries of Primary Teachers and Police Constables used to be at par at one time, over the years, while the salary of Primary Teachers has increased, the salary of Police Constables has remained stuck despite the 24-hour nature of their jobs.

The party has also called on government employees to speak up against the injustice done to them by the Pay Commission and assured that HSP would back them in this effort.