People of Sikkim and their well being is all that matters: Chamling

Gangtok, 11 Jun:

“I read in the newspapers today regarding allegations that the Sherpa community was betrayed again over the land transfer rule. I had given clarifications in the Assembly on this and I repeat it again. Land Revenue Order No 1 says that land of BL communities cannot be sold to others. It is an Old Law of Sikkim and protected by the Constitution. The Sherpas were not included in BL list when Revenue Order No. 1 was promulgated. Given that reality, the State Government can make new laws stating that Sherpa land can be sold and purchased only within Sherpa community but cannot include it in Revenue Order No. 1. I am only following the written order,” said Chief Minister Pawan Chamling while addressing the public of Upper Burtuk constituency today.

Further countering allegations thrown at Sikkim Democratic Front of dividing the Sikkimese society in the name of caste and community, Mr Chamling said that the opposition, in an attempt to bring a bad name to his party and the State Government, has still failed to come up with a solution to unite the “divided” society.

“The State BJP has also made such allegations. Their Central party is running the Union Government. Why can’t their government at the Centre give tribal status to the 11 left-out communities of Sikkim? This will solve many issues of the State,” he added.

On allegations of corruption, Mr Chamling said that development and corruption cannot go hand in hand.

Development has taken place in Sikkim on a large scale which means that there is no corruption, he argued.

In a clear response to Hamro Sikkim Party’s demand that pay revision arrears to be paid in one go to the employees, Mr Chamling, without naming names, questioned the credibility in the party and its leader in politics and said, “He is trying to instigate the government employees. The government employees know how our government has cared for them including securing them income tax exemption. He never thought of the government employees while he was playing football. Our employees know when and how the arrears should be given. He knows only how to play football.”

Mr Chamling added, “He is playing politics for a Delhi team now. He is playing for Delhi and has two owners there. But I am not owned by an outsider. People of Sikkim are my owners and I only listen to them. Sikkimese people are what matters.”

He urged the people, particularly the youth, to keep away from class divisions and live in communal harmony with feeling of brotherhood that the Sikkimese people are known for