SDF advices HSP not to indulge in deceptive politics

Gangtok, 11 Jun:

Sikkim Democratic Front has asserted that the recent statement of the Hamro Sikkim Party that the State administration was spending Rs 1.30 crore annually on providing pilot escorts to Cabinet Ministers was a ridiculous claim made to mislead the people of Sikkim.

The ruling party has warned Bhaichung Bhutia, the vice-president of HSP, not to indulge in such deceptive politics.

An SDF press release issued by its publicity secretary, Chudamani Mishra, states that Mr Bhutia should recall that in the state of West Bengal, where he spent most of his youth, even the District Collectors and Superintendents of Police are provided with pilot escorts and protection.

The release adds that government employees are appointed, transferred and promoted by the State Government in the interest of the people and to serve them. This was in response to HSP’s allegations that the State Government was not looking out for the interest of government employees with the latest pay revision.

The release contends that the Sikkim Government has been addressing every issue and demand of the government employees in earnest and in the interest of the people.

The release adds that the State government has been providing the highest salaries and all possible benefits to its employees and expresses confidence that the SDF government will again address all issues of the employees by working on the recommendation of seventh pay commission of the country and the fifth pay commission of the State.