Awareness on Human Trafficking and Child Sexual Abuse in Darjeeling


Awareness on Human Trafficking and Child Sexual Abuse was conducted at the Worship Centre here to spread awareness among people.

The program was organized under the “Mukti” project, by the Kalimpong Police in association with MARG, a Darjeeling based organization.

An ‘interactive session’ was conducted, involving the audience which included students and the police officers, they were taught to indicate the sexual predator, and encouraged to ‘voice it out’ in public when they come across such situations in everyday life.

‘Human Trafficking is the illegal practice of procuring human beings, irrespective of their gender, in physically abusive settings and locations from which they are not allowed to escape," said Nirnay John Chettri, the General Secretary of MARG [Mankind in Action for Rural Growth].

This illegal practice occurs due to lack of education, lack of knowledge about migration, lack of employment in one’s own region, for “quick cash”, demonstration effect, and influence of big cities, illegal placement agencies, and poverty, added Mr Chettri.

However, social evils like child labor and beggary, commercial sexual exploitation, illegal and forced marriage, organ transplant and forced surrogacy for children, are some reasons for the purpose of which human trafficking takes place.

The victims of human trafficking are usually tempted and attracted by false promises, fraud working schemes, while some are even threatened and forced. Many people are the victims of fraud working schemes through illegal placement and recruiting agencies.

Meanwhile, in a presentation showed by MARG, it was learnt that the legal agencies that work for the employment opportunities within India are known as “Placement Agencies”, and outside India they are known as “Recruiting Agencies”.

"Emigration Act of 1983 mentions that the legal Recruiting Agencies, should and must be registered with the Home of Ministry and has to deposit a saving of Rs35-40 lakh. The Protector of Emigration would then provide a legal letter to the Agency, which then has to provide only “work visa” and not tourist visa. The Recruiting Agency should also possess the relevant Demand Letter and Power of Attorney from Foreign Employer for whom he is recruiting manpower," said Nirnay John Chettri.

MARG has been working with Kalimpong Police Association since 2012, and has conducted many awareness programs and looks forward to working with more Civic and Village police officers, it was learnt.

Kalimpong Police on the other hand has been working on such issues to create more awareness among people, said the SP, Dhurva Jyoti De.