Good governance has led to peaceful and secure Sikkim: CM Those who created the identity of Sikkim c

Gangtok, 13 Jun:

Chief Minister Pawan Chamling today projected on his government’s pro-poor and rural empowerment policies while addressing a Jan Sewa-Jan Samman programme at Nandok village, under Syari constituency, East Sikkim.

“People with entitled and the feudal mindsets will ask our rural population to vote for Congress, BJP, Sangram and SKM parties,” said the CM while iterating Sikkim Democratic Front [SDF] as the only party which is for the poor and the Sikkimese.

While touching upon his record term in governance, he said that his government has “not just talked, but delivered” which explains the continuing endorsement of the people.

He further asked people to look into their own conscience and see the amount of development the State has witnessed since he came to office in 1994.

He added that politics was a science in which parties and leaders safeguard people’s interests in the best way possible and delivers development while maintaining peace.

He pointed out that politics was an ideological battle and there was no place for personal animosity when seeking the people’s mandate.

“Or else, why would I name Government college, Tadong, after our former CM, the late Nar Bahadur Bhandari who was a political adversary to me?” said the CM.

Addressing the Bhutia-Lepcha community, he stated that the community enjoys the same rights as in the time of the Chogyal and from Panchayat to the Assembly, all their rights and privileges have been protected.

He asked the members of the community to avoid falling for the wiliness of those who instigate and instill fear psychosis among the community by projecting them as vulnerable and weak.

“Those who created the identity of Sikkim can never be weak,” said the CM.

Further, the CM stated that social justice has been the government’s hallmark of governance with equal distribution of rights to various sections of Sikkimese population.

He focused on women’s empowerment and said that his government has empowered women through various schemes and legislation’s like Succession Act, 2008 under which the rights of Sikkimese women are fully secured.

The CM held that human development was the biggest development.

Stressing on the State’s thrust on agriculture, the CM said that government is fully committed to farmers and agriculture.

“Ours is the only government which gives pension to farmers,” he pointed out.

He also appealed to the rural population to be engaged in organic farming practices and sell their produce directly in markets with the government making sure that no middlemen were involved.

“Many outsiders are now pressurizing our government to give permission to work in agriculture,” he said.

The CM further said that it’s the villagers who must rule the roost in rural Sikkim and he will not allow any outsider to work in rural areas.

Dispelling all allegations of corruption in his government, the CM held that corruption can’t be indulged without the connivance of the bureaucracy.

“You can ask any bureaucrat, past or present if I have asked for party funding or money,” he said.

He stressed that he has not misused even a single penny of public money.

“There may have been some flaw or delay, but no scheme or development project has been misused in Sikkim,” he added.

He declared that the State was corruption-free.

Targeting the opposition’s demand of a CBI enquiry, he stated that the agency can be misused just like RTI has been misused to threaten and extort money from government officials.

“Rule of Law is maintained in our peaceful State with all institutions protected by a civilised democratic party,” he held.

Slamming all forms of identity politics in the State, the CM stated that his government is a humanist one.

“Domination of one caste, snatching away of constitutional rights, elimination of languages, culture or democratic rights of a community is being castiest,” he said while maintaining that his government has given equal rights and opportunities to various sections of Sikkimese population.

He also slammed all the opposition parties and said that he doesn’t require asking outsiders to take a decision for Sikkim.

“We only take the opinion of the Sikkimese public,” he said.

Adding a strong Sikkimese stance, he stated Sikkim should always be protected and Sikkimese should always rule over Sikkim.

The CM said that due to the innovative ideas of the government a “clean and green” Sikkim is now leading the future of the people with the Sikkimese reaping rich dividend.

“It is due to good governance that there is peace and security in Sikkim,” he said.