MVD inspection drives aims at awareness generation

Gangtok, 13 Jun:

A team of Motor Vehicle Division officials, led by RTO [Enforcement], Rakam Rai, has been conducting a series of inspections in the capital to check against unauthorized fare hikes and the validity of documents of taxi drivers. The move is also to bring wider awareness about the various traffic rules and regulations.

The team yesterday conducted mobile inspection from Ranipool, covering Mayfair area, 06th Mile, Tadong, Deorali all the way up to the main bazaar.

The inspection is set to continue for the next few days, Mr Rai informed.

Speaking to SummitTimes, Mr Rai informed that the MV Division conducts such inspections routinely through the year.

“The Motor Vehicle Division, Enforcement Cell is responsible for this kind of inspection and checking of documents of various vehicles,” he further informed.

The team is inspecting driving licenses, vehicle insurance, road permits, pollution certificates, vehicle registration, number plate issues and other necessary documents, he informed.

“We have found many vehicles without insurance and drivers with invalid driving licenses,” he informs.

“Failed registration books, vehicle plying without number plate, plying taxi with TR number and many other issues are ruled out during the inspection,” said Mr. Rai.

He said that the inspection drive is an awareness drive and the department is not charging any fine or issuing challans as the department is focusing only on creating awareness amongst drivers, vehicle owners, and passengers, he said.

Mr Rai appealed passengers to be informed of the vehicle they are traveling, drivers to carry all valid documents and renew them on time to avoid penalties.

“We are not against anyone nor are we targeting drivers. We just want to make them aware of various duties and help them follow all rules and regulations that implies,” Mr Rai said.

Mr Rai has also appealed to stakeholders to help the department bring awareness among all and avoid any untoward incidents and urged everyone to be more responsible as without mass awareness and people’s participation nothing is possible, he stresses.

There have been several reports of overcharging by taxi drivers. The team is also looking in to the matter seriously and enquiring about the same, he informed.

“Passengers are the responsibility of the drivers whether tourists or local commuters; they should be responsible towards them,” he added.

Additionally, the team also inspected the Auto Emission Testing Centre located at Deorali and enquired about the status and functionality of various equipments used for the testing of air pollution from vehicles. The team has directed the testing centre to keep all machinery up to date in order to get accurate result.