Sokpay Bhir landslide sends massive boulders damaging three houses

Mangan, 13 Jun:

Huge boulders sent tumbling by a landslide from Sokpay Bhir at Lower Rakdong in East Sikkim this morning has damaged three houses.

The boulders damaged ekra-made kitchen of one Chandra Lall Sharma and the windows and some portion of a building belonging to one Devendra Sharma while also damaging wooden-structured kitchen belonging to one Thakur Prasad Sharma.

The house of Hom Nath was luckily saved from damages but the threat of being hit by boulders persists.

The first minor landslide occurred last night following which residents moved to safer locations. However, the next landslide this morning at around 8 a.m. damaged the aforementioned houses along with a car plying to Gangtok from Mangan. No casualties have been reported till now.

Upon hearing the news, Block Development Officer, Tintek, Indramani Adhikari, today visited the spot to take stock of the damages. Panchayat president, Rakdong-Tintek GPU, Tika Maya Pandey, along with other Panchayats members also visited the spot and met with the affected people.

Ms Pandey also announced immediate relief for shifting amounting to Rs 20,000 for four affected families from the Gram Panchayat fund.

Dikchu Police today diverted the vehicles plying between Mangan-Gangtok from Ipsing road, Samdong as the boulders continued to fall.