Delay in compensation for houses damaged by Himagiri magazine house explosion

Mangan, 18 Jun:

The public and Panchayats of Upper and Lower Lingzya of Dzongu, North Sikkim, have placed their grievances before the District Collector North with regard to the delay in disbursement of compensation for damages incurred by houses due to an explosion at the Magazine house of Himagiri Hydroelectric Power Project earlier this year on 24 Mar.

A total of 52 houses have suffered damages as per a survey conducted by the Land and Revenue Department in Upper and Lower Lingzya villages amounting to Rs 95 lakh that includes major and minor damages as well. However, the project developer has been delaying the disbursement of the said compensation stating that the amount is too high.

It may be mentioned here that while disposing of expired explosives on 24 Mar an explosion had occurred at the Magazine house of Himagiri Power Project of 300MW Panan Project. These two villages that sit right above the Magazine house had faced direct impact of the explosion and many ekra houses, wooden structures and the buildings had suffered damages.

The affected people have expressed dismay over problems like water seepage through cracks developed due to the explosion. They have requested the District Collector North for his intervention in early disbursement of the compensation so that they may be able to repair their damaged houses.

The public and Panchayats added that they have waited for three months now and that they cannot wait anymore as the incessant rain could lead to further damage to their houses.

The DC North assured that he will look into the matter and urge the company for early disbursement of compensation. If the company does not follow the instructions, the North District Administration will be bound to take legal action, he added.