Jan Sampark Abhiyan a campaign to beg for votes says RN Chamling

Gangtok, 18 Jun:

Sikkim Rajya Manch [SRM] president, RN Chamling, today held an interaction session with the media on the party’s on-going activities.

Speaking on the party’s grass root level outreach initiatives, the SRM president said, “We are touring different parts of the State and meeting people in villages. We are doing ground work and setting up ties with the people. We have not conducted large public meetings as we want to focus on interacting with the people at the grassroot and at much more inter-personal level. We have received good response from the public as they have expressed they want a leader with a clean image who wants to work in the interest of the people of Sikkim and the State.”

Regarding Chief Minister Pawan Chamling’s claim made during his Jan Sampark Abhiyan regarding Sikkim Democratic Front’s confidence on sweeping the upcoming elections, the SRM president said, “No matter how many Jan Sampark Abihyans the CM conducts, people are not positive about his party this time.”

The SRM president further alleged that only areas near the district headquarters and Gangtok have seen some development but the remote areas of Sikkim are still under developed and lack basic amenities like good roads, water supply, healthcare, etc.

“The CM should have undertaken his on-going 32-day State tour immediately after winning the election in 2014. He should have visited each constituency to inquire about the problems, requirements and demands of the people. Instead, he is doing it at a time when elections are near. It is nothing but a campaign to beg for people’s votes. He has been sanctioning many demands and projects but the election code of conduct will be active within 6-7 months and the works he has sanctioned will not even be carried out. He is just trying to entice people for votes,” alleged the SRM president.