The rich are angry with my government: Chamling

Gangtok, 19 Jun:

“Which community has lost their rights under our leadership?” asked Chief Minister Pawan Chamling while addressing the gathering at Rongli Bazaar under Chujachen constituency today as part of his 32-day State-wide tour ‘Jan Sewa Jan Samman Abhiyan’.

The CM while reiterating the pro-poor policies of his government said that he has never distributed any benefits to divide people.

“It is the rich Bhutia-Lepchas and Nepalis who are angry with me and my government as they are not getting their share. The poor BLs and Nepalis are reaping the benefits from the policies that I and my government initiated,” he said.

The CM further questioned the opposition's claim of providing jobs to unemployed youth within three months of coming to power by getting rid of nominated Chairmen and others.

“They say we have many nominated Chairmen but the fact is that we have only 20 nominated Chairmen in Sikkim and have provided service re-employment to 50 taking the total to just 70,” said the CM.

Is the opposition talking about these 70 jobs, he asked.

Adding further, he stated that people with criminal records have gained power by manipulating people in West Bengal which he said will happen in Sikkim too if the people put their faith on the wrong people.

“These parties will oppose for the sake of opposing,” he said while adding that the State has now come up with a new rule to provide 90% jobs to locals even in private sector and stated that the rule has been made in accordance with rule 4(4).

Highlighting the recent visits by national and international delegates to know about the policies of sustainable development and organic farming, the CM stated that previously Ministers and other delegates would come to teach Sikkim but are now coming to learn from us.

“We get smallest share of money from the Centre in the North East but we have delivered the biggest development,” he added.

He criticized the opposition parties for not having a proper policy for Sikkim and its people and warned people that if they gain power they will destroy the State.

“Existing political parties can never be a change for the better,” he said.

The Chief Minister further appealed and advised the bureaucrats present to expedite the process of granting jobs on compassionate grounds and asked them to be sensitive to such families and grant the jobs immediately.

He also expressed concern on the decreasing birth rate of the State and added that the government has provided all assistance to parents to have more children.