Kisan Bazaar sellers hope for better response

Gangtok, 21 Jun:

Since the inauguration of the State’s first Kisan Bazaar on 29 Apr, two floors of the building have been exclusively allocated to local farmers of Sikkim for direct sale of their organic produce.

Farmers have been coming all the way to Gangtok to sell vegetables and thus have been promoting the organic mission throughout the State.

Expressing satisfaction over the initiative taken by the State Government aimed at benefitting the farmers of the State, 27-year-old Sujata Rai from Namchi, South Sikkim says she is happy to have the opportunity to sell organic vegetables from her own stall at Kisan Bazaar.

Speaking to SummitTimes, Ms Rai says, “We are receiving positive response from customers. However, it is mostly on Sundays that the bazaar is packed with customers and we do good business that day. On other days, not many people come to buy vegetables here and often our vegetables go to waste.”

She further informs that sellers at Kisan Bazaar have not increased the price rate and usually offer lower price rates than that of Lal Bazaar.

“We have not increased our rate and the vegetables we sell here are fresh. I think people still go to Lal Bazaar owing to their habit of buying from their regular sellers. Some even assume that vegetables there are sold at lower price rates as compared to Kisan Bazaar. We try not to get disappointed by it and hope for positive response and feedback,” adds Ms Rai.

It may be mentioned here, the seven-storied Kisan Bazaar complex has been set up at the cost of Rs 22.75 crore by Urban Development and Housing Development Department, Government of Sikkim. While four floors are still under construction, two floors of the building have been allocated to local farmers of Sikkim.

The two floors can accommodate 200 local farmers and has one space for SIMFED along with provision of cold storage units with capacity of 250 metric tonnes each and other facilities like a canteen and a cafeteria.

Farmers can either forward their produce to SIMFED or sell them directly to customers at Kisan Bazaar, provided they bring a proof of identification or recommendation from the concerned Panchayat.