Around 2,000 join SDF in mass joining function

Gangtok, 23 Jun:

A number of leaders and supporters of Sikkim Krantikari Morcha and other political parties today joined the ruling Sikkim Democratic Front during a mass joining programme held at SDF Bhawan in Gangtok. They were welcomed by SDFpresident, Chief Minister Pawan Chamling, with khadas, SDF flags and SDF books.

Among the notable figures who joined the party in the presence of Mr Chamling include former SKM working president, Bharati Sharma, and Sikkim Republican Party’s Arjun Rai.

It was informed that 2060 persons from different political parties joined SDF today.

Addressing the gathering, Arjun Rai from Namchi informed that this was his return to SDF after being expelled from the party for carrying out anti-party activities during the 2014 elections.

“After being expelled from SDF, I met leaders of other political parties and deliberated with them. However, I never felt comfortable and always had SDF in my heart, and today I have returned home. During my political yatra after leaving SDF, I realized that only our CM Pawan Chamling can work for the security and interest of Sikkim. We youth can give only our age for the development of the State and country and our age must be used in a proper manner. It is only the CM who can give proper leadership to our youth. I will give my best for SDF and ten times more than what I had given before,” Mr Rai expressed.

Reinstating her allegiance to SDF, former SKM working president, Ms Sharma, stated that she had chosen the wrong platform after leaving SDF and that SDF has always been her home.

“I acted in haste after having a misunderstanding with certain SDF party workers and joined SKM. In SKM, I was following a person without any vision and was in a group of blind people. They will never lead us to a destination and it is only SDF and CM Pawan Chamling who will lead people to their destination. Kranti under the leadership of Mr Chamling is the way forward and I will contribute as a loyal soldier,” she said.

Addressing the gathering, SDF supremo, Mr Chamling, welcomed all and announced that they are now members of SDF.

“Most of you left the party due to differences or other reasons and now I welcome you all back. Whatever has happened, let it be forgotten. There is no personal enmity in politics. There are only ideological differences in politics,” said Mr Chamling.

He added that it is due to the wrong ideologies of the opposition that the members have joined the ruling front.He also alleged that the opposition has no political or developmental programme and that instigating people on falsehood has been the agenda of the opposition.

On the Limboo-Tamang seat issue, Mr Chamling said that the State Government has given its all and the matter rests in the hands of the Centre.

“There is still 10-11 months’ time left for the elections to come and I am very hopeful. It is in the hands of the Centre and I can only request. The Prime Minister has promised me. Recently the Home Minister also informed that the work is in progress,” stated Mr Chamling.

He further informed that he has had a talk with West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee who has expressed her wish to visit Sikkim to learn more about organic farming. He added that Ms Banerjee has assured every support from her side in fighting certain people in the opposition.

“People should not seek change just because one party has been in power for a long time. Change should be for better and not for destruction of Sikkim. Those who are running around for change today will only cause destruction of Sikkim,” expressed Mr Chamling.