Ong Dorjee runs to spread awareness on receding glaciers

Gangtok, 25 Jun:

Solo runner, Ong Dorjee Lachungpa, 32, has completed his run from Lachung to Gangtok this afternoon. He reached Vajra at around 3.30 p.m covering a distance of around 120 kms.

Ong Dorjee Lachungpa, who works in Sikkim Armed Police, had started the run from Lachung in the morning of 24 Jun.

Speaking to media at Vajra, Mr Lachungpa said that he made the run to spread awareness on decrease in snowfall at higher altitudes.

“When we were small, we used to see snow right before our house. It is not the same these days. Snowfall is less in the mountains. To spread awareness on this, I wanted to do something and made the solo run,” he added.

Ong Dorjee’s solo marathon was organized by social worker from Lachung, Thupden Lachungpa, and ISL footballer, Kunzang Lachungpa.

“We visited Gora La glacier near Lachung recently and we could see the glacier receding. We realized the need to spread awareness on the same. Ong Dorjee came forward and decided to make the solo run for the cause,” said Thupden.

He further informed that the marathon initiative was supported by Rajya Sabha MP, District Collector North, Superintendent of Police, North, Forest Minister, local authorities, NGOs and the general public.

After kick starting his run from Lachung, Ong Dorjee had halted at Tingchim on 24 Jun. He then completed his run to Gangtok from Tingchim this morning.