GTA chief Tamang inaugurates water reservoir at Delo


Gorkhaland Territorial Administration chief, Binay Tamang, today inaugurated Rs 2.5 crore worth reservoir from PHE (GTA) department with a capacity of 20 lakh gallons of water at Delo.

The reservoir was previously being used by the Army but was abandoned due to leakage in pipes almost around two decades ago.

It may be mentioned that the Defence Ministry had funded the water project in the past with the usage ratio of 60:40 wherein 60% of the water was used by the public and 40% by the Army.

The water is piped from Neora (water source) till Delo, and then it is distributed to the town.

There are three lakes in Delo, lake 2 had a problem of siltation before it went dry, however, experts have said that once restored the distribution of water from lake 2 may start soon which could have a capacity of 60 lakh gallons.

The present lake that supplies water to the town has capacity of 40 lakh gallons.

Meanwhile, Binay Tamang said that the water shortage problem could have been solved years earlier but no politician gave ‘serious thought’ to this issue and only made feeble attempts.

"If this initiative was taken years ago, maybe the cost of the project would have come to Rs 50-60 lakh but no leader was concerned about the public’s problem. Moreover, proper coordination between the four concerned departments is important to solve the water problem," said Mr Tamang while addressing the public.

He later said that the works of P.H.E (West Bengal) P.H.E (GTA), M.E.D and Municipality are not defined till now. The role of PHE (West Bengal) should be to get water from the source till the lake, the PHE-GTA will have to take care of the filtration and treatment while the M.E.D will do the planning and execution. Finally, the municipality should handle the distribution work, he said.

Community drinking water system for the outskirts too will be executed along with ‘rainwater harvesting’ in the outskirts, it was informed.

It was also informed that there would be an overhaul in the water supply system with the old pipes from Neora removed and replaced, especially to eliminate illegal water tapping.

It was learnt that four different Detailed Project Reports for the water-project have already been submitted by M.E.D, GTA, PHE (West Bengal) and PHE GTA.

"The reports submitted were just the base, but after the four departments unanimously created a DPR, it will be a complete, composite and comprehensive DPR," said Mr Tamang.

Meanwhile, amusement parks will be constructed in Triveni-Teesta, Darjeeling-Jamunay, Kalimpong-Science centre, for tourists.

Mr Tamang later informed that public meetings will be held in Kurseong on 08 July, followed by Kalimpong and Darjeeling on the second and third week of July.