Mangan Nagar Panchayat reiterates need to segregate waste at source

Mangan, 28 Jun:

Mangan Nagar Panchayat [MNP] organized an awareness programme on source segregation and distributed Green and Blue dustbins to registered card holders at Nagar Panchayat Hall here on 27 June.

The programme was attended by Municipal Executive Officer, MNP, Bhaichung Chenga, MNP President, Zangmoo Bhutia, Office Superintendent, Tempo Bhutia, MNP Councillors, safai karmacharis and the general public.

Delivering the welcome address, MNP OS, Mr Bhutia, informed that the MNP was collecting Rs 50 per month from each household in the MNP area for garbage collection service and that it was from the same collection that MNP safai karamcharis are being paid.

“Every household should understand the matter and utilize the green and blue bins to segregated waste properly,” Mr Bhutia stated.

Municipal Executive Officer, Mr Chenga, urged people to keep their households and surroundings clean to ensure a healthy and disease-free environment and cooperate with the MNP staff.

President, MNP, Ms Bhutia, in her address said, “From now onwards, if households and business community do not use the green and blue dustbins as per segregation directions, the MNP staff will not lift their garbage as the staff has already been facing several problems in managing and dumping the garbage following complaints from the people of Chandey which is the dumping yard of Dzongu and its surrounding areas. The complainants have approached the District Collector, North, informing his office that they will not allow dumping of garbage from Mangan Bazaar at Chandey. The MNP has to manage the garbage at some other suitable area at the earliest. So people should understand these problems.”

During the course of the programme, registered garbage card holders were handed over green and blue dustbins for household use.