Namchi, 01 Jul:

The bereaved family which lost their newborn child to what they are convinced was medical negligence at the District Hospital here have rejected the claims made by the Health Department on the matter. Ruing that the Department’s attitude, as reflected in a recent press statement issued by it, suggested that the Health Department was already trying to cover-up for its own staff, the young couple and their families today addressed the media here to present their side of the story demanding that justice be provided to them.

Speaking with this correspondent, Eden Bhutia, who lost her newborn child at the hospital recently, said that they have lost all hope for justice from the Health Department after reading their statement in various news-reports.

“The department’s statement clearly shows that they are trying to protect their duty officer and medical staff even though the hospital administration knows the facts of my case,” she said.

She countered the claim that the duty medical officer responded to the calls by the nurses who carried out the delivery.

“My delivery was conducted by nurses only,” she maintains, adding that after the delivery, her baby was given to her and there was clearly life in her.

She maintains that duty doctors, even though called several times by the nurses, arrived only after about an hour and when she did, she declared the baby dead.

“I don’t know what complications occurred but after the delivery, the nurses had given my baby to me and she was fine. May be if the doctor had arrived earlier, my baby would still have been with me.”

“But in the statement of Health Department claims that CPR was given even though no heartbeat or pulse was detected,” she said, insisting that her child was not stillborn.

“No doctor attended to me or my baby but in the Health Department statement it is claimed that the gynecologist on call, who had come to attend another post operative patient, was informed regarding the baby and that she too attended to the baby. This is not true,” Ms Bhutia adds.

“My family members and my husband were told that my baby was born healthy and that the delivery was done successful. But the Department is now claiming that our family was duly informed about the case and that we refused to accept the facts,” she said.

“I know that my baby cannot be brought back, but the least that can be done is ensure justice so that such things do not repeat in the future,” she stresses.

Dawa Bhutia, the bereaved father, clarified that they were not against any individual and were only seeking justice for the negligence that cost them their child.

“The department had also constituted a committee to investigate the case but we lost hope and faith after seeing the statement of the Health Department,” he said.

The family has appealed to the State Government and the Chief Minister to intervene in the matter and ensure proper enquiry and follow-up action.