Procurement and selling rates of major organic vegetables announced

Gangtok, 02 Jul:

In order to regulate the prices of local organic vegetables in the local market, with the approval of the State Government, Horticulture & Cash Crops Development Department and Sikkim State Co-operative Supply & Marketing Federation [SIMFED] has worked out the procurement and selling rates of major organic vegetables. This has been done to protect the interest of both the growers and the consumers of the State, a press release informs.

Following the announcement of the rates, a District Task Force has also been formed to check the implementation of the rates in the market as well as to check entry of any non-organic vegetables.

All the stake holders have been requested to strictly follow the approved rates failing which appropriate action will be initiated against the defaulters. Regular inspections are being conducted by the District Task Force in the bazaar and Lal Bazaar areas.

As per the release, Government-approved farm gate procurement rates/kg of local organic vegetables have been set as tomato [Rs 20], cabbage [Rs 25], cauliflower [Rs 28], carrot [Rs 28], radish [Rs 22], broccoli [Rs 50], butter beans [Rs 40], Singtamey beans [Rs 33], pea [Rs 38], chayote [Rs 15], chilli [Rs 20], brinjal [Rs 20], bottle gourd [Rs 10], bitter gourd [Rs 25], bhendi [Rs 25] and leafy vegetables [Rs 15]

Likewise, wholesale rates/kg have been set as tomato [Rs 24], cabbage [Rs 30], cauliflower [Rs 33], carrot [Rs 33], radish [Rs 25], broccoli [Rs 55], butter beans [Rs 48], Singtamey beans [Rs 40], pea [Rs 45], chayote [Rs 18], chilli [Rs 24], brinjal [Rs 24], bottle gourd [Rs 12], bitter gourd [Rs 30], bhendi [Rs 30] and leafy vegetables [Rs 20].

Similarly, the Maximum Selling Retail Prices of the vegetables have been fixed as tomato [Rs 30], cabbage [Rs 40], cauliflower [Rs 40], carrot [Rs 40], radish [Rs 30], broccoli [Rs 65], butter beans [Rs 60], Singtamey beans [Rs 50], pea [Rs 60], chayote [Rs 25], chilli [Rs 30], brinjal [Rs 30], bottle gourd [Rs 15], bitter gourd [Rs 40], bhendi [Rs 40] and leafy vegetables [Rs 25].