Sikkim Pragya Pratishtan formed, Rashmi Prasad Alley Smriti Puraskar announced

Gangtok, 03 Jul:

A new association, by the name of ‘Sikkim Pragya Pratishtan’, was formed today with the aim to promote and conserve Sikkim’s languages, literature, art and folk cultures. The meeting of various personalities from the fields of language, literature, art, academics and journalism was held here today and led to the formation of the new association.

The main objective behind the newly-formed association is to incorporate the different languages and the cultures of the Sikkimese people and conserve these for the coming generations. The Pratishtan will also seek to introduce the unsung heroes of various fields like the languages, art and literature to a wider audience and celebrate their contributions in their respective fields.

The meeting also formed the ad-hoc committee of the Pratsihtan with litterateur Anita Niroula as president, Tek Bahadur Chettri as vice president, Editors, SummitTimes, Puran Tamang, as general secretary and Neelam Neopaney as treasurer.

The executive committee members are journalist Joseph Lepcha, historian Dr Rajen Upadhaya, poet Prabin Khaling, singer Remanti Rai, student representative Lalit Sharma Pokhrel, Social Media journalist Ajay Agrawal, artist Meena Gautam, radio announcer Renuka Basnet, poets Khemnath Ghimirey, Amir Bhandari and Amber Gurung Lachikati, teacher Sunita Rai, painter Shiva Chettri, journalist Wangchuk Bhutia, theatre artists Deepak Dhakal and Karma Lepcha.

Similarly, satirist Bhim Rawat was chosen as the coordinator of the ad-hoc committee. The Pratishtan also elected district coordinators in Meena Gautam for South, Renuka Basnet for West, Lalit Sharma Pokhrel for East and Wangchuk Bhutia for North district.

Today’s meeting also decided to celebrate Bhasa Diwas in a grand manner on 20 August, on which day, an award in the memory of late Rashmi Prasad Alley, who has commendable contributions to the fields of academics and literature in Sikkim, will be conferred.