HSP holds meeting in South Sikkim, reiterates focus on youth

Gangtok, 05 Jul:

Hamro Sikkim Party [HSP] today held an indoor meeting at Bul Singtam under Namchi-Singithang constituency, South Sikkim.

HSP senior leaders along with vice president, Bhaichung Bhutia addressed the gathering.

Mr Bhutia, in his address, highlighted the aims and objectives of Hamro Sikkim Party and why it was formed.

He further reiterated that HSP focuses on the youth of Sikkim and wants to develop youth leadership in Sikkim.

“Our top priority would be to facilitate employment for the youth and give them skill-training in many sectors so they can earn well. We will also give government stipend to the educated unemployed youth so that they are able get jobs. Our main agenda would be to bring down the unemployment rate in Sikkim by empowering the youth with skill development and training,” he said.

Mr Bhutia also said that HSP will focus on public healthcare and education sector and make both sectors better than the private healthcare and education sector in Sikkim.

On organic farming, Bhaichung said production of food grains in Sikkim has dropped by 60% between 1995 and 2015.

“What has the State Government done on production of food grains in Sikkim?” he questioned.

In his speech, Bhaichung further said that the Rai community is the most vulnerable community in Sikkim.

“As per surveys, most of the suicide victims in Sikkim are from the Rai community and the most economically backward group is the Rai community in Sikkim. Chief Minister Pawan Chamling is unable to take care of his own community. Only those close to him have prospered but most of the Rai community members are poor in the villages,” said Bhaichung.

A number of people are said to have joined the party on the day.