Monkey menace at Syari

Gangtok, 05 Jul:

Monkey menace at Syari Road in Deorali, East Sikkim is turning out to be a major problem for residents of the area.

A horde of monkeys in the area have created panic among the residents forcing them to stay indoors and avoid direct confrontation with the mischievous creatures.

Reports of monkeys entering homes through the windows have increased. Residents have also complained of damage to property.

“They come to the terrace and create havoc. They have damaged water tanks and clothes lines in many homes,” a local resident said.

"The monkeys have not harmed any person nor have they done major destruction but we are scared to move around outside, as they may attack us. For our own safety, everyone in our society is taking safety measures," said Eden Bhutia, a resident of Syari Road.

The residents are now planning to lodge complaints with the concerned authority.

According to the residents, the monkeys are coming from the forest area below Chorten Gumpa in Deorali, which falls just above Syari.