Swelling Teesta a worry for Adarsh Gaon residents

Singtam, 06 Jul:

Swelling of River Teesta due to incessant rainfall in the past few days has raised serious concern among the public of Adarsh Gaon in Singtam, East Sikkim residing along the river bank.

“It’s already been 15 years since we submitted a demand letter to the NHPC Ltd Teesta V Power Station Office in Singtam for the construction of protection wall. Till date, not an inch of work has been started,” says one resident and social activist of Adarsh Gaon, Milan Khatiwara, while speaking to SummitTimes.

Mr Khatiwara informs that there are 35 houses including both concrete and kuchha houses that are in danger.

“Every time the alarm rings, people rush to a safe area or gather on the road evacuating their residences. We have placed the demand letter again recently but have received no answer from the concerned authority,” added Mr Khatiwara.

The aggrieved residents of Adarsh Gaon have urged the concerned authority to take immediate measure against the rising level of River Teesta for the safety of the public of the area.