Swoopna Suman on his maiden visit to Sikkim

Gangtok, 08 Jul:

Internet-sensation and a heartthrob of the pop circles, celebrated singer from Nepal, Swoopna Suman, to a packed gathering of fans here at Cafe Live & Loud on 07 July.

He performed his popular originals ‘Kasari Bhanu’, ‘Mo Timro’ and ‘Coffee Song’ along with many covers and Bollywood numbers and his fans lapped it all up.

SummitTimes had a brief conversation with the young sensation from Nepal on his maiden visit to Sikkim and his music.

SummitTimes: First impressions of Sikkim. How had you perceived this small state of India and how did it measure up?

Swoopna Suman: First of all, I am so glad to have received such a warm welcome from the people of Sikkim. Everyone here was cordial and welcoming. Sikkim is really beautiful and the Sikkimese are so positive towards art, culture and music. Before I came here, I had heard lot of pleasant things about Sikkim and I found all of them to be real. I had also thought that Gangtok would be a big city, but it’s a small town on the hill top and so beautiful, serene and peaceful.

A young musician and so much achievement, but we are sure there must have been a lot of struggles along the way. Were there?

SS: See, art and talent are things that come only with struggle and challenges, but every artist should also come up with dedication, patience and commitment to overcome those situation. So, if I can face everything and still be here, then anyone else can be as well. I am no super human.

How has been the journey of this young sensation so far?

SS: My journey is all in the public eye. People know how I grew from a simple cover songs singer who uploaded videos on Youtube and now just a lil popular singer, that’s it (laughs).

So young and so much achieved. How would you like to motivate our Sikkimese youth who are also passionate about music and art in every form?

SS: See, you need to be dedicated towards what you are passionate about. If you are true to yourself, and passionate about it, nothing can stop you from turning your dream (s) into reality. All hindrances shall pass by. Please love what you like to do, be true to yourself and I believe nothing can stop you.

How has been the response been like from your fans in Sikkim on your social media handles?

SS: Honestly, before I arrived here I had already been receiving a lot many messages from my fans and well wishers here. They have been very kind and supportive towards my work. I don’t actually get time to reply to too many messages, but I always treasure all the messages, concerns and wishes. I love you all. Please keep supporting me and loving my music.

Do you plan to visit Sikkim in future as well?

SS: Of course! I loved this place and the people. I would definitely love to visit in future or may be even sooner.

What would your message to the young people of Sikkim be?

SS: I feel the youth of Sikkim are very high on potential and talent. I want you people to believe in yourself and passionately work on it. It may take time, stay patient and the results will be in your favour soon. God bless you all!