SDF Government committed to provide political justice to Limboo-Tamang community: Bhim Dahal

Gangtok, 10 Jul:

Sikkim Democratic Front party spokesperson, Bhim Dahal, has lashed out on the opposition parties in the State for making fabricated and baseless allegations on the ruling party and its government. He stressed that opposition parties in that State including newly formed parties have no any vision, programme, policies and responsibility towards the people but their only agenda is to make false and baseless allegations and personal attacks on the ruling party and its leader.

Addressing a press conference here today, Mr Dahal strongly criticised and condemned baseless and fabricated allegations of opposition parties on Sikkim Organic Mission. He also suggested them to do a thorough research and study before making any statement on any matter. He stated that local farmers and producers of the State have increased the production and have been getting good prices of their organic produces.

Mr Dahal expressed his confidence that the State will soon become self-sufficient and self-reliant in all areas.

While strongly condemning the allegations of opposition parties, he expressed that Sikkim Organic Mission has been successful so far and more success will come in days to come.

Responding to media queries, he stated that opposition parties should speak on their policies and programmes instead of making false and irresponsible statements to mislead people, especially youths of Sikkim.

On the Limboo-Tamang seat reservation issue, Mr Dahal informed that after clearance from the Ministry of Law & Justice Union, Ministry of Home Affairs is expected to come up with Ordinance to accommodate the Limboo and Tamang community of Sikkim for provision of seat reservation in Sikkim Legislative Assembly within next two months.

He said that MHA has given a green signal and same was hinted by Chief Minister Pawan Chamling in his public meeting at Gyalshing in West Sikkim recently.

The Home Ministry has proposed an increase in the number of seats in the Sikkim Assembly from 32 to 40. The expansion will be the first since the State merged with India in 1975, he added.

“The seats are being increased to accommodate people from the Limboo and Tamang communities notified as the Scheduled Tribes in Sikkim in Jan 2003. Of the eight seats proposed to be increased, five will be reserved for Limboo and Tamangs. Now, Sikkim has 12 seats reserved for Bhutias and Lepchas, two for the Scheduled Castes, one seat for the Sanghas and 17 general seats. As per constitutional provisions, the total number of seats for STs should be in proportion to the population,” Mr Dahal added.

The seats for Bhutia and Lepchas are reserved not on the basis of them being a Scheduled Tribe but as a sequel to a political agreement in 1973 between the Government of India, the then Chogyal of Sikkim and political parties, he added.

A petition was moved in the Supreme Court demanding seat reservation for Limboo and Tamangs in the Assembly and the apex court on January 4, 2016 directed the Home Ministry to take necessary action to accommodate them for their political right, it was informed.

Mr Dahal said, “SDF government is committed to provide political justice to these community with the expansion of the house from existing 32 to 40 adding that there will be amendments to the Second Schedule to the RP Act, 1950, reserving five seats for Limboo and Tamang, without disturbing the existing reservations of 12 seats of Bhutias-Lepchas, Scheduled Castes and Sangha seat.”

As per the proposal mooted by the Ministry of Home Affairs said that Section 5A of the RP Act, 1951 will be amended to provide “that in case of a seat reserved for Limboo and Tamang tribe, he is to be a member of Limboo and Tamang tribe specified in the Representation of Sikkim Subjects Act, 1974 and elector or an assembly constituency in the State.”

Responding on the recent withdrawn notification regulating the rates of organic produces by the Agriculture & Horticulture Department, SDF publicity secretary, Avinash Yakha, stated that the concerned department should be able to stand by its decision instead of withdrawing the notification and should take action against those who tore down the rate board.

“We still doubt if people who turned out to protest the decision of the department were real farmers. It was totally politically motivated and pre-planned in which some people gets mislead,” he expressed.

He stated that this initiative of the department to regulate the rates should be observed at least for a week and to increase rates of required items if necessary. He stated that some anti-people and irresponsible elements have been working against farmers and Sikkim Organic Mission.