Organic Mission mostunsuccessful and mismanaged mission in India: SKM

Gangtok, 11 Jul:

Sikkim KrantikariMorchatoday said that the Sikkim Organic Mission has been the most unsuccessful and mismanaged mission of the country. The unsuccessful mission has compelled farmers and businessmen to come out on the streets in protest with farmers even being taken to the Police Station for the first time due to this mission, the party has alleged.

“We are totally against SIMFED which has been taking all profits without any hard work but just by working as a middleman. SIMFED is working against the interest of farmers, consumers and retailers,”said SKM spokesperson, Jacob Khaling in a press conference today where the party responded to the press statements made by Sikkim Democratic Front on unemployment, organic mission and Limboo-Tamang seat reservation issue.

SKM working president, NavinKarki, stated that SKM has never been against the organic mission but to implement it forcefully on the people is not healthy. He stated that the government should have first convinced and taken farmers into confidence before launching this mission.

He suggested that SIMFED should open outlets for farmers in every corner of the State if it was really sincere and honest towards farmers instead of reaping all the profits.

On unemployment, SKM has said that SDF has been busy explaining the universal definition of unemployment rather than addressing and solving the problem. It is not necessary to define unemployment but important to solve theunemployment problem, the party has said.

MrKhalingmentioned that Sikkim has the highest number of educated unemployed youth and asserted that service extension of retired officials should be stopped immediately and the government should ensure that private companies in the State employ local educated youth.

SKM will solve the unemployment problem within 100 days of forming its government in the State, he reiterated.

On Limboo-Tamang Assembly seat reservation issue, MrKhaling alleged that due to the dishonesty of SDF government Limboo and Tamang communities have been deprived of their political rights till date. He added that if SDF was sincere about the issue then Limboo and Tamangwould have fought the 2004 Assembly election through reserved seats.

The Central Government reserves seats on the basis of recommendation of the State Government, he added and alleged that due to wrong recommendation of the State these communities have been deprived of their political rights. He also suggested that the ruling party give the correct formula for seat reservation to the Centre instead of blaming the Centre for delays.