Vibrations scare Chungthang residents, probe gets underway


“The door of my godown which was locked suddenly started shaking yesterday, the window panes too,” said SonamTshering Bhutia of Chungthang.

Likewise, another resident, TT Bhutia said the curtains of his window started shaking and he felt a light vibration all around his house which he has never felt before.

The public of Chungthang bazaar in North Sikkim on the periphery of Teesta Hydro Electric power project stage III DAMinformed that their houses have been shaking/vibrating on and off since Friday evening.

However, no crackshave developed in the houses.

The local people said that it might have happened because of the flushing out of water from the dam of the 1200MW Teesta Stage-III. The reservoirwas emptied on Friday to flush out the accumulated silt.

The people stated that they want the safety of their lives and the properties as they have sacrificed a lot for the nation’s development.

A team comprising of officials fromChungthang Sub Division, TeestaUrja, Police and local panchayats visited every household situated alongLachenriver and also interacted with the people.

An emergency meeting was called with the officials of TeestaUrja Ltd., Police, administration and local panchayats to discussnecessary precautions to be taken in case of any emergency.

The meeting was held at the chamber of SDM Chungthang in which the officials of the TeestaUrja informed that a team of experts from IIT will be deployed by them to investigate the vibrations.

SDM Chungthang, SubashGhimerey informed that a combined monitoring team of TeestaUrja and QRT has been formed for continuous monitoring of activities and keep a track on the intensity of the vibration. Location to set up an emergency camp has also been identified in case of any relief camp to be established. Concerned departments viz. Police, power, food have been informed accordingly to keep their man power and essential equipments and commodities ready in case of emergency., he added.

The SDM further stated that actual reason behind the vibration is unknown and the exact reason can only be ascertained after the assessment is done by the team of experts i. e. Expert from TeestaUrja and the expert from Mines and Geology Department, Government of Sikkim.

As of now the situation is normal and there is no reason to panic as the vibrations have stopped, he added.

Meanwhile, the expert from the state Mines and Geology Department led by Joint Director,GombuTsheringLepcha havereached Chungthang and are visiting the houses.