Dzongu to be branded ‘Primitive World’

MANGAN, 16 Jul:

A meeting was held on Sunday at HeeGyathang in North Sikkim to discuss the Chief Minister’s recent branding of Dzongu as a “Primitive World”. The meeting was attended by all Panchayats, Governmentemployees, educated youth and public of Dzongu.

The meeting, chaired by Deputy Speaker cum Area MLA, SonamGyatsoLepcha, sought to spread awareness and discuss how the "Primitive World" brand would take Dzongu further in the tourism sector.

SDF District president cum Chairperson Transport Department,PintsoNamgyalLepcha, CLC president, Panchayats and others present participated in the discussions.

The Deputy Speaker, in his address, briefed about the history of Sikkim and said thatDzongu is protected by Revenue order No.1 1917 which is protected by article 371F (K) of the Constitution.

During his recent visit to Lingthem,Upper Dzongu, the CM had talked about Dzongu being regarded as a "Primitive World". Now it's the responsibility ofDzongu's public to cooperate and take initiatives to take the brand further, the Deputy Speaker said.

Further stating that Sikkim has gained recognition across the world because of our CM, he expressed hope that Dzongu too would be recognized around the world as a “Primitive World”.

All the Panchayats, employees and public of Dzongu have extended their gratitude to the CM for declaring Dzongu as a "Primitive World" and have conveyed warm wishes on being the longest serving CM in the world