Sikkim NewarGuthi holds meeting in Soreng

Gangtok, 16 Jul:

A meeting of Sikkim NewarGuthi[SNG] was convened at Community Hall, Soreng today which was chaired by the SNG president,Dilu Kumar Pradhanas the chief guest, informs a press release.

The meeting was attended by the central executive members of the SNG, representatives of Dentam, Soreng, Timburbong, Budhan, Tharpu, Daramdin, TikpurSakhas.

In his welcome address, KP Pradhan(zonalpresident-Soreng) presented a brief overview about the main agenda of the meeting. The meeting had the proposal of “incarnation” of DhirenPradhan (Karma Sonam), the release mentions.

The meeting was addressed by DNPradhan (Daramdin), RMPradhan and KN Pradhan (Dentam Zone).

The speakers strongly urged members of the community to rise and come forward for the conservation of the rich culture and heritage of the Newars.

Dr. SushanPradhan [youth secretary] discussed the initiatives of the youth wing of Sikkim NewarGuthi.

Addressing the gathering, chief guest,Dilu Kumar Pradhan, said that Newars in Sikkim are facing an identity crisis. Newars need to be aware of their present position in the state andwork together for the upliftmentof all the Newarsof the state. He also talked about the role of youth in the development of Newars in the state.

The Sikkim NewarGuthi in principle took the responsibility of working for the “incarnation” of Karma Sonam S/o Lt. Hem Kr. Pradhan&BhimKumariPradhan of Soreng.

The programmewas hosted by zonal secretary, D Mani Pradhanconcluded with the vote of thanks proposed bypresident (SorengSakha), KBPradhan.