Detailed study to determine cause behind vibrations felt in Chungthang

Mangan, 17 Jul:

The vibration felt by residents of Chungthang have stopped since the morning of 14 Jul. A team of experts who visited the area have submitted their second report on the incident today to the North District Administration.

Residents had reported some kind of vibration shaking windows, curtains and doors of houses situated along the Lachen River on 13 Jul.

Team of experts from Mines & Geology Department, Government of Sikkim arrived at the scene on 14 Jul at around 4.30 p.m. and visited all the houses where vibrations were reported. The said team along with sub divisional officials, Police, local Panchayats and officials from Teesta Urja Ltd conducted a detailed survey of the entire dam area on both sides of Lachen and Lachung on 15 Jul.

The experts suggested finding out possible reasons behind such vibrations through study of the entire area. Studies such as geo physics, river morphology, hydrology, sound studies and other related methods are to be done. The team will also visit Chungthang along with equipments and instruments to conduct these studies. Based on the initial observations and studies, the team of experts from the department will be submitting another report.

District Collector, North, has directed Teesta Urja Ltd to install geo phones along the Lachen and Lachung axis with provision of various data and readings as required for the aforesaid studies.

Another team of multidisciplinary experts [to be brought by Teesta Uja Ltd] will also be in Chungthang conduct to their studies on similar lines.

All necessary preparations in case of any emergency have been done. A joint monitoring team of Teesta Urja Ltd, Police and QRT will also be conti