Governor thanks Sikkim and its people for beautiful five-year stay

Gangtok, 18 Jul:

Reminiscing about his time spent in Sikkim, outgoing Governor ShriniwasPatil, whose term of five years is nearing its end, spoke to SummitTimes and shared his experiences.

“I think I have gained five more years of age after serving the beautiful people of Sikkim in this lovely Himalayan State,” stated the Governor.

His tenure saw the institution of Raj Bhawan coming closer to the people.

“Respecting people’s wish, I opened the doors of the Raj Bhawan to the people.One must put oneself in the shoes of others and empathise so that the other person is satisfied,” he said.

Talking about the State, the Governor praised the tourism and organic farming movement with special focus on the citizens particularly the youth.

He added that youth of the State have a good command over English language and there are manyopportunitiesfor them in the Country and in the State where they can shine.

“Opportunities are many. You just need to grab it since the youth here have the potential to make more of it,” stated the Governor.

Describing the State as a beautiful escape, the Governor expressed that although he has travelled all over the country “but flowers and children here are the best”.

Terming his tenure as “love drenched”, he said that the people’s love has been immense throughout his term as Governor.

He also thanked the State’s media for their constant support and urged them to be like a mirror to the society.

The Governor has thanked the people for their constant support all through his tenure and also stated that wherever he may be, he is ever ready to serve Sikkim.

“We are small but empowered,” he said.