HSP eager for talks with Sherpa associations on land rights issue: Bhaichung

Gangtok, 18 Jul:

Vice president of Hamro Sikkim Party [HSP], Bhaichung Bhutia, today spoke to media persons at Rangpo in East Sikkim in the presence of a large number of HSP supporters and workers on his return to the State from Mumbai after being part of the commentary panel for FIFA World Cup 2018.

Speaking to media today, Bhaichung said that the HSP has done well in the first one and a half months since its launch on 31 May at Daramdin.

“We have progressed a lot in the first one and a half months. We have made an impact in West and South districts. We will now focus on East and North districts and reach out to people there,” said Bhaichung.

On the party’s programmes and agenda, Bhaichung said that HSP will not impose agenda or programmes upon people.

“We will meet and take inputs and feedback from people on the type of programmes and initiatives they want. We will include all their inputs in our party manifesto. We will take advice from the people and work on important sectors like education, health and sports,” he added.

Bhaichungfurther informed that the HSP will be giving top priority to the youth of Sikkim and will also focus on sports with the main objective being making sports compulsory in schools of the State.

Lashing out against Sikkim Democratic Front and its government, Bhaichung said, “Sports is important for our students to develop a stronger mentality and to keep them away from negative habits. SDF government did not focus on development of sports, music and other sectors although the youth of Sikkim are talented. For the first time in 25 years of SDF government, the SDF organised a football tournament this year. It was organised just because election is coming.”

Speaking on the opposition accusing him of being a political greenhorn, Bhaichung said that he is not new to politics.

“I don’t think every politician started out immediately, all experienced and ready. Nobody was a leader when they started out in politics,” he said.

Regarding the demand of Sherpa community for inclusion in Revenue Order No. 1, Bhaichungexpressedthat the HSP wants to have one-on-one discussions with Sherpa associations on the demand.

“We need to sit down and hear what they have to say and come up with a solution. SDF is implementing policies without consultingthe concerned people and imposing its decisions on the people. We will definitely meet the Sherpa association and have a talk. That is how problems are solved,” he added.