SDF Panchayats terrorizing public of Lower Maneydara, alleges BJP

Gangtok, 19 Jul:

BharatiyaJanata Party Sikkim Pradesh has alleged that Sikkim Democratic Front Panchayats and workers are terrorizing the people of Lower ManeydaraWard under Namthang-Rateypani constituency in South Sikkim for raising their voice by blocking the road with trees and other obstacles.

According to BJP Sikkim, people of Lower Maneydarahad placed their grievances regarding acute scarcity of drinking water in the area recently to a BJP delegation, which was highlighted by BJP in newspapers.

A BJP press release states that after the problem was highlighted in newspapers, SDF Panchayats and workers have tried to terrorize the people by blocking roads in the area. It is added that local people along with members of BJP registered a report about the same at Mamring Police Station.

Mamring PS suggested that the issue be placed in the office of District Collector, South and following the same, a report on the incident was submitted to the DC office by BJP incharge, LB Chauhan, and general secretary, DamberGurung, the release mentions.